Modu Braimah

Social Care Wales Administrator

"I initially applied for this role as I was looking for a role as a support worker. A friend who was already working with ACS pitched the company to me. He gave them a glowing recommendation of the company and in my 2 years working with them, I can confirm that to be true."

“As a support worker, I loved the flexibility of shifts and placements. I was able to decide when I was available, so it fitted in well with my schedule. I could also change placements when I felt I had worked too long in one location, creating a new experience for me.
Having holiday pay cannot be ignored. I could go on holiday and not worry about income for that week.
In my current role, I love the human interaction part. Being on the other side, and understanding how it all works gives me a better understanding and appreciation of the work everyone puts in, to keep the wheels called ‘Acumen Care Services’ rolling. Supporting colleagues to handle challenges and questions is also satisfying.
I think you should apply with us, as Acumen are a professional multicultural team that cares about you. You won’t find anyone better than them. I have testimonies of those who have moved on from the company and still say they miss how the operation works. It is now their standard.”

Joshua Honeybone

Exams Invigilator & Admin Assistant

Support Worker (previously)

"I originally applied to Acumen for a zero-hour contract support worker. After enjoying this for a year, I was then offered a full-time contract within the same role. For me, this was the perfect start to a role within the Care sector, as someone who had previously worked as a Chef and had no experience in the role. Being on a zero-hour contract worked for me as I was able to explore the role at my own pace and fit this around my schedule."

“Then, as I became more familiar with the role, a full-time contract was the natural progression for increased pay, responsibilities, and benefits. I was also able to complete my Level 2 and 3 Health and Social Care qualifications. I found support work an extremely rewarding experience and undoubtedly a challenge; I knew throughout that I was working to improve a person’s well-being and quality of life. Being able to choose from several locations allowed me to gain a wider view of the care sector and where I wanted to fit into that; whether this was in an assisted college, community house, domiciliary care, etc.
With Acumen, there is also the opportunity to gain experience in other areas of the company, outside of the role of a support worker. For myself, this involved being allowed to work with the recruitment team conducting interviews alongside my support role. I found this a great way to learn new skills without the need to change jobs, whilst showing me that Acumen recognized the experience that I had gained to assist with recruiting others.
After recently deciding to step back from my role as a support worker, for the time being, Acumen was very supportive and offered me a role with the sister company Connective Care Education as an exam invigilator and admin assistant.

My experience working with Acumen has been a great one. I would certainly recommend them to those that are looking to work in health and social care. They have been so supportive throughout my time with them, with some of the best training before starting work and listening to my suggestions to expand that training. As said before, there have been many opportunities to learn new skills and roles with them- including recruitment, education, and the training sides of the company. The team is so welcoming and great to be around; they are so supportive of new starters as everyone at Acumen has experience in support work and can empathize with the work that support-workers are doing.

To summarise, Acumen has been a pleasure to work for and I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings for me with the company!”